Angel Wynn grew up with totem poles, potlatchs and longhouses on Vancouver Island in Canada. As a youth, wearing a button blanket, Wynn danced with the butterfly clan. Although a non-Indian, her heart has always been inter-tribally connected to all cultural regions throughout North America. Wynn honors, respects and has had many laughs with her Native American friends around the campfires and kitchen tables. For well over 25 years, Wynn documented First Nation cultures and produced one of the most comprehensive image collections of it's kind. With well over 150,000 photographs, Wynn utilizes her "Native Stock Pictures" archive with encaustic wax to create one of a kind art. Route 66 Indian Style, 24x20 inch encaustic, $1700Turquoise Bison, 20x20 inch Encaustic, $1200Shiprock Warhol Style, 36x36 inch Encaustic, $3600Ghost Dancer, 53x24 inch Encaustic, $3600An American Legend, 30x20 inch EncausticHorse& Travois Tipi Encampment, 24x24 inch Encaustic, $1750Painted Sundance Skull, 24x24 inch Encaustic, $1800 Taos Man & Horse, Encaustic 20x16 inch, $700Postcards From Indian Country, 29x35 inch Encaustic, $3200Over The Rainbow, 30x36 inch Encaustic, $3000American Plains Bison, 16x16 inch encaustic, $550The Mother Road, 18x18 inch Encaustic, $1100Buffalo Dancer, 17x17 inch framed Encaustic, $1000Vision Quest, 16x16 inch Encaustic, $600, 18 First Nations Portraits, 19x38 inch Encaustic, $1600Greetings From Taos Pueblo, 38x29 inch Encaustic, $3300Old Style Bison Skull, 30x30 inch Encaustic, $1800Legends Painted on Bison Robe, 16x20 inch encaustic, $650Dineh Blanket Patterns, 25x25 inch Encaustic, $750Dineh Blanket Patterns #1, 25x25 inch Encaustic, $750Spirit in the Rocks, 12x16 inch framed Encaustic, $450Bison Skull Four Directions, 20x20 inch Encaustic, $1000Gone With The Wind, 12x18 inch framed 3-D Encaustic, $650Winter Ride, 12x12 inch Oil, $650Sitting Bull #2, 16x37 inch Oil, $1800Winter Forage, 11x14 inch Encaustic, $350American SpiritSpirit Rider on Harley with SunburstCounting CoupBlessing Sacred CaveWe Shall RemainMan In Bison Robe on Horseback Shaman with Family ShieldCrazy WeatherWinter RideShoshone RoseScout at Little BighornMountain Child with SkullAt One With HorseHorse Travois in Winter CampCrossing the Little BighornFlute Notes Sent to the SkyAncient Indian Trail