All her life, Angel has enjoyed shooting pictures with a variety of cameras. Starting out in a career as a professional photographer and filmmaker, Wynn created the most comprehensive image collection of it's kind on American Indian cultures throughout North America. She has been called "the Edward Curtis" of the 21st Century". Her image data base contains well over 150,000 still images. These photographs have been used and licensed by the who's who of publishing such as National Geographic, Simon Schuster, Time Life, The History Channel, PBS and more.
This is an assortment of imagery that Angel Wynn would consider her fine art photography. Kiva In The MountainsDon't Fence Me InCrowheart Butte WyomingHome on the RangePueblo Buffalo Dancer Where Two Cultures ClashGhost Inside A KivaSanctuario ChimayoBison on The RangeNew Mexico CowboysFamily of Five- BisonBuffalo Herd in Spring Meadow, PanoramaHoly Sanctuary Chimayo, Infra-redTaos Pueblo, Infra-Red SeriesStairway To HeavenBuffalo Dancer, Infra-red SeriesTaos Pueblo Mission, Infra-Red SeriesPueblo Buffalo Dancer #3, Infra-redPueblo Buffalo Dancer #4Pyramid Butte Bison Herd, PanoramaWe Shall RemainHarley Spirit Rider at SunsetLegends of the Bison RobeGeorgia's White Place #4 Coyote Mission FenceOld Style Buffalo SkullHorse Series #11Three Bison on Salt FlatsTipi Camp on Camas PrairieCrossing the Little Bighorn RiverShaman With Clan ShieldTaos Pueblo #2, Infra-Red SeriesSpanish Mission Fence, Infra-Red SeriesHorse Herd at Sacajawea's BirthplaceHorse Travois & Tipi EncampmentAnasazi Petroglyph Rock, Infra-Red SeriesFireside Inside TipiTaos Pueblo #3, Infra-Red SeriesAmerican SpiritMountain Child with Horse SkullTaos Pueblo Panorama, Infra-Red SeriesThe Buffalo HunterPueblo Buffalo Dancer #5One Flag, One CountrySacajawea Mountain & DescendentDream CatcherBrave with Coup StickThe FoxHonoring the Sacred Buffalo (color)Shaman at Medicine Mountain (color)Winter RideWinter Ride #2The Ghost DancerPrimal AwarenessSongs Of Our AncestorsBrave HeartHudson Bay Blanket on WinterscapeCrow ScoutVision Quest 2Bison- Icon Of The Plains (horizontal)Bison- Icon Of The Plains (square)Sun HorseCrazy WeatherMonument Valley Vista (sepia)Sundance Lodge Panorama (Sepia)Sundance Lodge (color)Hovenweep Anasazi CastleHopi Kachina DollsNavajolandsShawnee HunterVision QuestValentine DreamcatcherFlute Song Sent To The SkyHomelands (sepia)Navajo Landscape- Where Sky Meets Earth (panorama)Lady of the Lake (color)Crossing the Little Bighorn #2Giving Thanks to Mother EarthWoman and LodgeShaman at Medicine Mountain (sepia)Inside a KivaAt One With HorseRunning Horse HerdWe Shall Remain (sepia)Headman in Wolf CapeModern Day WarriorBlessing A Sacred CaveSpirit Rider PanoramaPueblo Cross, Infra-Red SeriesMedicinal Plant, Infra-Red SeriesWhite Horse Head, Infra-Red SeriesCrown Dancer, Infra-Red SeriesClimb To The Sky, Infra-Red SeriesGeorgia's White Place #2Georgia's White Place #3Hanging Out The Crosses, Infra-Red SeriesNew Mexico Landscape, Infra-Red SeriesPueblo Screen DoorwayAcoma Mica WindowMajestic Bison of the Plains #2Horse Whisperer (sepia)Rider in the Sky on Harley (color)Ancient Stories on Canyon WallAnasazi Village on MesaNative Flute PlayerSpirit of New LifeEagle Feather RegaliaWinter Ride #4 (square)Shoshone Rose (color)Sundance Lodge (sepia full)Traditions Handed DownYakima Tipi CampThe Seal HunterOne Flag, One Country (sepia)Shawnee Indian ArrowheadsTraditional Blessings of the SiouxLaughing Inuit GirlTotem Pole VillageZuni Woman With PotAztec HeaddressWinter Ride Panorama (sepia)Honoring the Sacred Buffalo (sepia)Horse Travois in Winter Camp (sepia pano)Blessing A Sacred Cave (sepia Pano)Lady of the Lake (sepia pano)Kit Carson Grave (regular b/w)Figure at Ancient Doorway