Earthtones of sepias and umbers are used to give each encaustic piece of this series, by artist Angel Wynn, the appearance as though the artwork has been stored up in an attic for over 100 years. The images come from Wynn's personal photographic collection of American Indian cultures, the iconic buffalo, horses and scenic landscapes throughout the Southwest. Wynn brushes hot molten beeswax, oil pigments and other mixed media over these photographs to create vintage style artwork.

Ranch House Cafe, 22x30 inch Encaustic, $1500Horse& Travois Tipi Encampment, 24x24 inch Encaustic, $1750Dixie in Amarillo, 20x20 inch encaustic, $1200Old Tobi The Scout, 12x12 inch Encaustic, $4001954 Chevy Hood Ornament, 16x20 inch Encaustic, $950Old Fashioned Girl, 24x24 inch encaustic, $1800Bison in Red, 20x20 inch encaustic, $1200Crazy Weather, 10x10 inch, $300Route 66 NM, 10x10 inch Encaustic, $300Brave with Coup StickSun Horse, Photographic PrintShawnee Hunter, Photographic PrintAnasazi Clay Pot #4, 12x12 inch encaustic, $400